Staff Changes at Burwood

Over the last six months we have seen some significant changes to staff at the Burwood Centre.  First, last summer, one of our Educational Psychologists, Dr Rosie Thomasson, took up an exciting new position in Hong Kong.  Rosie worked with us for many years and we all miss her and the amazing expertise she bought to the Burwood team.  It was a privilege to be able to work alongside Rosie and I learned a lot from her.  I am personally hoping that one day in the future, should she return to the UK, she will join us again!  Then in October 2021 our long serving administrator, Frances McMenemy (Fran) retired.  Fran worked at Burwood for 13 years and was very much loved by the staff and families who met her.  She was so supportive of everyone and will also be very much missed.  Everyone at Burwood wishes both Rosie and Fran all the best in their new ventures.

We have now appointed a new administrator/coordinator, Laura Harmer, and if you phone in, then it is Laura’s friendly voice that you are likely to hear.  There has also been a little change to the teacher of the deaf assessments.  Julie Heald is still doing some of these, but we are also joined by Katie Jillians who is a very experienced Teacher of the Deaf and Educational Audiologist.  I am pleased to say that both Roberta Smith and Fiona Boxley-Lang continue to work with us to provide educational psychology assessments and advice.  I (Lorna Gravenstede) am still enjoying providing specialist speech and language assessments to families who require these.

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