Results of the Assessment

When the results of the various assessments are considered together, it may be possible to address issues, including:

  • Are your child's difficulties all explained by his, or her, hearing loss or are there any other additional problem areas, e.g. a specific learning difficulty?
  • What support does your child currently need?

The team of professionals cannot recommend particular schools, but they are on hand to listen to parents’ concerns and they will describe the types of support and input that a child needs in school.

What if my child has conditions other than deafness?

While the professionals at the Burwood Centre are all specialists in deafness, they also all have experience of working with children with additional difficulties including autism spectrum disorder, specific and general learning difficulties, physical difficulties, and additional speech and language difficulties.  If you have concerns, ask to speak to one of the professionals and we can discuss whether we are able to meet your particular needs. If we have doubts about whether we can help a child referred to the Burwood Centre, then we always telephone the family and discuss these concerns and whether an assessment might be better carried out by another specialist organisation.