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We realise that you may already have a lot of information regarding processes and procedures regarding your child’s education. However we have gathered further information about Special Educational Needs and the tribunal system which we hope you will find useful.

Tribunals Service – Special Educational Needs and Disability

This is the official government site. The process by which parents can appeal against decisions made by Local Authorities in England and Wales about their children's education is discussed. As well as information about First-tier Tribunals, you are also able to download application forms and guidance for parents.

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)– Family Support

The NDCS is a national charity that aims to empower children or young people who are deaf and their families to determine what happens in their lives and shape the services they receive. Their family support team includes a freephone helpline, family officers, benefits appeals advisers and education appeals advisers. If you are not already in touch with the NDCS, details of can be found on this website.

NDCS – SEN reform factsheet: FAQ for parents

(SEN) reform: FAQ for parents - NDCS

This factsheet, updated in September 2014 provides up to date information on the latest Special Educational Needs reforms, including the Code of Practice and new Education, Health and Care plans.

Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

IPSEA provides advice and model letters for parents. Information provided on the website includes: Helplines (for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland); Assessment and Statements of SEN: what you can do; Exclusion support sheets; How to complain; Disability discrimination in schools' and Appealing against a refusal to assess. For information on the new Education, Health and Care plans see:


This free and confidential nationwide helpline is for parents and others seeking clarification, help and advice about Special Educational Needs. SOS!SEN gives advice to help you interpret the SEN Code of Practice; interpret official letters; check proposed and revised Statements; prepare challenges to Statements; find the right independent professional advice; know what to do next; write appeal documents to lodge at SEND; at meetings and Tribunals; and present your case. It is run by volunteers who have worked in education or related services and offer independent advice on all aspects of SEN including statements and tribunals.

Telephone Helpline: 020 8538 3731

Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) –Special Educational Needs Advice Guide [England & Wales]

This section of the CAB website includes information about: special educational needs; disability discrimination; assessment of your child’s special educational needs; statement of needs and keeping a statement up-to-date.

Liberty – ‘Protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights’ – Guide to your rights

This section of the Liberty website explains ‘The right to equal treatment: discrimination in education’ including: The duty not to discriminate; Planning duties upon educational establishments; and the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Framework.