Assessment Costs

An assessment can be funded either by a family or by a Local Authority. Assessments funded by parents are provided at the following cost:

Audiology/Teacher of the Deaf assessment


Specialist Speech and Language assessment


Specialist Educational Psychology assessment 


Full assessment (included a £50 discount on individual assessment prices



A full assessment would consist of three of the above, usually Educational Psychology, Speech and Language and either Teacher of the Deaf or audiology (depending upon the needs of the child). Full assessments involve a full day with the family from 9.30am - approximately 4.30pm.

We are here to help families and we do not wish financial matters to prevent assessments taking place. Our fees to families cover some of the cost of the assessment, but this is a great deal less than would be paid if three separate reports were commissioned privately. Should you as a family have any difficulty in meeting the cost of the assessment, please contact us for advice on payment options or charitable grant applications.

If an assessment is requested by a Local Authority the full cost is charged.  Prices are available on request.